Kristian "Krille" Andrén


NA- Fifth Reason - vocals  
NA- Meduza - vocals  
1993-1995 Tad Morose - vocals  
1995-1996 Memento Mori - vocals  
1998-2002 Wuthering Heights - vocals  
2006 Bloodbound - vocals  

Personal information

Kristian Andrén was born in Gävle, Sweden, the 31st January 1973. Until the age of 16, he grew up in a small village called Bergby and, at the age of 16, moved to a place almost in the middle of Sweden called Bollnäs (about 70 kilometers north of Bergby) to finish Highschool and become Furniture Carpenter. He lived there during 7 of 8 years before moving to Stockholm where he lives nowadays.

The first Heavy Metal band he listened to when he was 8 years old was Kiss, and then came Motörhead and Venom. After a while he discovered many other bands such as Accept, Judas Priest or Black Sabbath, and a little bit later he felt into Yngwie Malmsteen, Dio, Badlands and a lot of Swedish acts like Tallisman, Keen Hue, Swedish Erotica, Candlemass, Europe and many more. Of course, as a singer Krille's got many influences like Tony Martin, Ronny James Dio, Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Halford, or Bruce Dickinson. But since the beginning, he tried to find and work his own voice in order to sound like himself and no-one else. So Kristian fell into music very young. Indeed, when he was around 8 or 10 years old, he also began to play intruments with a few guitar lessons. Then, as he couldn't stand it, he decided to learn by himself, thinking it was more fun because he could play whatever he wanted. At the same time, his aunt gaves him some accordian lessons, and after a while he started to play bass guitar, drums and piano. A couple of years later, he began to play with some bands such as Wet Napkins, tried to play some other instruments, but somewhere inside he was knowing that singing was the thing he wanted to do.

Kristian Andrén's career as a vocalist started in 1993, when he met Danne Eikson (Tad Morose's drummer) who asked him if he wanted to sing on a vocal-less Tad Morose's demo. The result was the releasing of the first Tad Morose album called " Leaving the past behind ", which was recorded in only two weeks. Black Mark's owner Börje Forsberg believed in Tad Morose from the very first start and decided to sign and produce the band. For the first time ever, a debut album became record of the month in Rock Hard (Germany), and this album was " Leaving the past behind " !

Two years later, in 1995, Tad Morose and Kristian Andrén recorded their second album called " Sender of Thoughts ". For the recording of these two first albums, the band recieved a lot of help from the producer and enginer Uffe Pettersson, who showed them how to finish a record. The same year, Kristian met Mike Wead (Hexenhaus, Memento Mori, Abstrakt Algebra…) on a Black Mark festival tour and, as they became good friends, Mike took the job of producer for a MCD recorded in 1995 called " Paradigma " which is nowadays Kristian's favorite Tad Morose record. At the same time, Mike Wead asked Kristian to replace Messiah Marcolin as Memento Mori's singer.

Then, Kristian left Tad Morose to join Memento Mori and released in 1996 an album called " La danse macabre ". Almost at the same time, Krille (the Swedish shortening for Kristian) met Simon Johansson (guitar-player in Abstrakt Algebra, Fifth Reason and Memory Garden) throught Mike Wead and they immediately talked about doing something together. This something was Fifth Reason.

The first Fifth Reason's album, " Psychotic ", was released in 1997 and showed Krille singing a bit different as usual, that is more rough and agressive. 1997 again, he was one of the three singers invited to do some vocals for the first Street Talk's album called " Collaboration " - Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen) was one the two others.

Next year, in 1998, he appeared as baking vocalist on Memory Garden's album " Verdict Of Prosperity ". He also met Claus Jensen and the staff at Intromental Management who helped him to join a band from Denmark called Wuthering Heights.

Together they released the first Wuthering Heights' album " Within " in 1999. The same year, Krille recorded the second Fifth Reason's album " Within or Without " which took a while to be released, and he also sang with Hemisfear, a brand new band built by Mike Wead. Nowadays, Hemisfear's still an unreleased but very awaited project.

Then, in 2000, Memory Garden recalled him to do some backing vocals for their new album called " Mirage ".

After too much time, Intromental finaly found a deal with Scarlet Records for Fifth Reason's " Within or Without " which came out in 2001. The same year, Kristian recorded a demo with a band from north of Sweden called Meduza. Unfortunately, after the entire recording of their forthcoming album, Meduza decided to change their singer, replacing Kristian Andrén by Apollo Papathanasio (Majestic). At the end of 2002 and beginning of 2003, Krille did his last vocals for Wuthering Heights' second album " To Travel Forevermore ".

Now, the collaboration with the bands Phoenix, Dead End World and Solid Ground shows that Krille shall haunt the heavy metal scene again and again...