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Kiara Laetitia


2003-2011 Skylark - vocals  

Guest musician

2008 Beto Vázquez Infinity - vocals  

Personal information

Singing and writing have always played a dominant role in my life and music has always guided me through the good and bad times. It was with heavy metal in particular that I finally found the sort of inspiration I needed. I started listening to Iron Maiden (still my favourite), Metallica, Manowar and then I decided to take a journey and discover something more: new ways of singing, new ways of performing and feeling music with every breath I take.
It was a trip starting through Black Sabbath, Kiss, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Van Halen, Def Leppard, and Scorpions. Every singer was for me a source of inspiration, which together with my classical influences slowly built my way of singing.
Of course, if I should say which one inspired me the most I dare say Bruce Dickinson for both singing and performing. Jon Bon Jovi, M. Kiske, K. Hansen, T. Kotipelto, E. Adams, Skin, Anneke from The Gathering and Tarja from Nightwish did "the rest of the job".
My journey is not over and it will never be over since I'm always trying to find new ways of expression, of improving. I love challenges and when I was asked to record a track for "WINGS" I said: "This is a trial ? let's do it!". It was also quite an honour and I put myself through this journey with my heart and soul and gave voice to the inner feelings of that moment, sweetness and anger, it was like talking to an old picture come up from a nowhere place. I always try to put together the feelings of everyday life: joy, sorrow, rage are my first source of inspiration modelled by an heart beating together with music. I'm really proud of the shots I recorded and of singing with Skylark!