Christiane Herbold


1990-1995 Bobo In White Wooden Houses - vocals, guitar  
2004- Bobo In White Wooden Houses - vocals  

Live musician

1999 Rammstein - backing vocals  

Guest musician

1997 Rammstein - vocals  
2001 Rammstein - vocals  
2004 Blank & Jones - vocals  
2005 Blank & Jones - vocals  
2005 Rammstein - backing vocals  

Personal information

Also known as: Bobo
Born on: 11.05.1966
Official website

Christiane "Bobo" Herbold is a German singer, best known for providing backing vocals in Rammstein songs, starting with Sehnsucht's "Engel". She also provided backing voice in Mutter, collaborating in its last track, Nebel. In 2005's Rosenrot she sang on Stirb nicht vor mir in the song's German version which did not make the final cut, as those parts were attributed to Sharleen Spiteri from Texas. She does, however, sing some backing vocals in that track as well. Rammstein keyboardist Flake Lorenz has claimed he preferred the German version with Bobo's vocals.

She also has her own band, named Bobo in White Wooden Houses, and has recently been "signed" as Rammstein's official backing vocalist.