Jefray Kurnia "Jeff" Arwadi


1995-2009 Kekal - guitars, vocals  

Personal information

Jeff was born in Jakarta, Indonesia's capital city and largest municipality. Since his early childhood, he has shown interests in art and music in general. Spending most of his upbringing in a global city, Jeff had an early exposure in the diversity of culture, religion and ethnicity, which helped to form his views of seeing the music and art in a liberal way. He once tried to become a painter but later found out that music suits him better, as he explained on the 2007 interview with Ultimate Metal webzine: "I cannot express with other media such as painting or poetry. My father is a painter and he expresses himself through this. I once tried it, but it didn't work for me - I can make technically proficient sketches and illustrations, but felt distant from them. It's like a cold relationship. So when I found music and started to write songs, it just came up to me and I said to myself 'that's it, this is the most suitable medium for me'. But for right now, I don't rely on music as my career, I work another job to pay the bills." In 2000, Jeff graduated from Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and according to another interview with Ultimate Metal, he taught himself graphic design through books and internet.

In 2006 Jeff moved to Canada and eventually became a permanent resident. He was living in Toronto while taking a study in audio engineering, and later on relocated to Calgary and settled there.