Dave Mackintosh


1998-2004 Bal-Sagoth - drums  
2003-2014 DragonForce - drums  

Studio musician

2001-2002 Power Quest - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 10.09.1977
Official website

Dave "Compact Dynamo" Mackintosh (born September 10th, 1977 in Glasgow, Scotland) is the drummer and backup vocalist for the band DragonForce. The band, DragonForce, changed their listed genre to 'Extreme Power Metal' upon Dave's arrival to the band prior the Sonic Firestorm release.[citation needed]

Mackintosh also appeared on The Power Cosmic and Atlantis Ascendant by symphonic black metal band Bal-Sagoth.

Dave is influenced by Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Tommy Aldridge, Charlie Benante, Ingo Schwichtenberg, Nicko McBrain, Jonny Maudling and Vinnie Paul.

He is giving up smoking according to his Myspace Profile.

According to the official homepage, his drumset consists of parts of the Tama Starclassic series

* Two 22" x 18" Bass drum with one Tama Iron Cobra Pedal each
* One 14" x 5.5" Brass Snare and one 14" x 5.5" Maple Snare (as a backup)
* TomToms in sizes 8", 10", 12", 13" and 14"
* Floor Toms in sizes 16" and 18"

and of Paiste cymbals

* One 16", two 18" and one 20" Crashes
* One 20" Ride
* Four 18" Chinas
* Two pairs of 14" HiHats
* Two 10" Splashes
* One 16" and one 18" Crash/Ride cymbal

In addition to that he also uses a percussion section of eight octobans and one 20" gong.

Notion: Mackintosh plays of course on several different Chinas, Crashes and HiHats, not on same sounding ones. The sound of cymbals is changed not only by the size, but also the material and the shape of it. See also: Cymbals (Main Article)