Fernando Quesada


2007- Shaman - bass  

Personal information

Fernando Quesada started his musical life when he was only 8-years-old, playing guitar. Later on he also had drum and bass classes .

At the age of 15 he decided to work with music, so he tried to find a job in a studio . Fernando tried several studios, but the only one that didn't turn him down was one called "Contato Estúdios", owned by his band-mate Thiago Bianchi at that time.

Years of friendship with the singer provide Fernando the nickname of "Fumaça", due to his strange tone of his voice that, according to Thiago, "sounds like smoke stuck in his throat which will never get out".

Besides the nickname, Fernando also got a lot of other things working at the studio: a great production and recording skill (working with audios of great well-known metal characters of the national scene like Angra and Eduardo Ardanuy), and a great potential to write music, which later became the most important factor when he was chosen to become a member of Shaman.

Fernando was always a great fan of the band, especially of Ricardo Confessori. And, at the age of 20, he's now able to see a dream coming true: after surprising Ricardo and the other members of band with his great ability to play and write songs, Fernando Quesada is officially the bass player of Shaman.