John Patrick Jr. McDonald


1986-1991 Crimson Glory - vocals  
2005-2007 Crimson Glory - vocals  

Guest musician

2002 Genius: A Rock Opera - vocals  

Personal information

Also known as: Midnight
Born on: 29.04.1962
Died on: 08.07.2009

The artist known as Midnight is perhaps one of the most revered and respected individuals ever to have emerged from the contemporary music scene. In truth, the categorization of 'rock singer' is simply too narrow and restricting to define his genius.

Blessed with the voice of an angel, a characteristically otherworldly texture and an amazing range, Midnight is able to channel an extraordinary amount of feeling into his songs as well as deliver them in the most unique manner. One of the most remarkable voices that has ever been and ever will be, a voice capable of sending shivers down your spine each and every time that you hear it. Midnights live performance has been compared to a cross between Luciano Pavarotti and Al Pacino. It is so theatrical yet so powerful and versatile that he can sound like several different characters during the course of a song.

But that is merely one of the multiple facets of the great man's artistry; his often off-the-wall lyrical imagery is capable of invoking mystical and magical symbolism, while the poetry paints exquisite depictions of rage and beauty.

His spell with progressive metal titans CRIMSON GLORY is well-publicized and familiar to most. The outfit actually formed back in 1982 and went through a couple of short-lived names including Pierced Arrow and Beowolf before settling on the distinctive Crimson Glory. Midnight joined soon after, and four years of song writing and intensive practice sessions preceded their global emergence in 1986, when their debut long-player was issued by Roadrunner Records. The album fused the majesty of Queensyche with the sheer power and sense of melody perfected by Iron Maiden, rivalling both of the aforementioned acts in terms of ingenuity and originality. The musicians' faces were obscured by silver masks, creating a sense of mystery and leading to speculation regarding their true identities, during this time they never allowed any photos without the masks... It took the newcomers only a couple of years to surpass their debut with an astounding sophomore effort, 1988's 'Transcendence', a joint release on MCA/Roadrunner. Crimson Glory had somehow managed to better their debut (itself a 10/10 release) by making 'Transcendence' even more complex, melodious, pompous and ambitious. Founding members Burnell and Jackson left the band before the release of the third album and subsequently formed an act called Parish. Crimson Glory, meanwhile, reshuffled their line-up and signed to Atlantic for 1991's 'Strange & Beautiful' set, an album which showed a move into more commercial, tamer waters. Not long after the sessions had been completed, Midnight left the band, leading to Crimson Glory's eventual demise. The other members dispersed and became involved with various other acts. All the while, Midnight remained out of sight. Speculation was rife that he had been unmasked as Mark Vanderbilt of Kamelot, a rumour which was swiftly quashed. Meanwhile, a new Crimson Glory returned for 1999's 'Astronomica' (on Rising Sun/Spitfire), featuring an excellent vocalist named Wade Black, which was more along the lines of their early work, although the fans were reluctant to acknowledge any incarnation of the band which was fronted by anyone other than Midnight. Midnight, however, reappeared a few years back with a low-budget demo/EP, which explored a more acoustic direction...midnight decided to release only 500 copies of the EP to his most diehard fans that frequent his website ( ) rendering it a rarity which can now fetch upwards of 150 dollars on ebay. Once again, Midnight vanished into the shadows before materialising again like the master illusionist he surely is, and in late 2004 it was announced that he had joined forces with Black Lotus Records to release his full-length debut solo album.

"Sakada", the forthcoming album, is a mesmerizing trip though the senses, an immaculately-produced affair which effortlessly mingles heavily psychedelic-tinged songs with several heavier numbers more reminiscent of the man's past, in addition to an impossibly-beautiful ballad that will surely conjure up some memories of a time long since passed...

So join the deviant angel, on a journey across the desert, on a camel that has no eyes, searching for a lonely paradise Midnight is back...