Jade Simonetto


NA-2007 The Plasmarifle - drums  
2007-2013 Hate Eternal - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 30.09.1983
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Jade Simonetto is a Montreal born drummer(Quebec,Canada). Posting videos of himself playing Hate Eternal songs peaked the interest of Eric Rutan (who was looking for a replacement for Derek Roddy who had just left the band). Eric flew Jade down to his studios in Florida to jam the tunes and possibly some new material for their upcoming album for MetalBlade Records, Fury And Flames. Eric Rutan: "We immediately hit it off and Jade could play all the songs, it was amazing considering he was 23 at the time and could play stuff guys ten years older than him were struggling with!". After months of work and preparation they were finally putting the finishing touches on Fury And Flames. The album was released in Feb. 2008 to unanimous critical acclaim. On May 10, 2011 Hate Eternal released their 5th. studio album( 2nd. with Jade Simonetto) Phoenix Amongst The Ashes. Decibel Magazine said " It's the best Death Metal album in FOREVER!"