Eternal Gray - Biography


Eternal Gray members first met as fill-ins in for the band "BETRAYER", they were known from previous bands from north and central Israel, and were brought together to perform with lead vocalist Tomas Lindberg (former AT THE GATES) in the summer of 1999.

Due to the success of this performance, the members continued to play together keeping BETRAYER alive and the music hard & heavy. A year passed, professional differences between the vocalist and the rest of the band grew, differences about what kind of metal they should play.

Eventually the band separated in the summer of 2001, in a final farewell concert with ROTTING CHRIST, a band with which they had previously played with in the winter of 1998. During this show the separation of BETRAYER was announced, as was announced that the rest of the band will stay together as ETERNAL GRAY.

As ETERNAL GRAY they decided to record their debut album, in the best and most professional manner, so they flew to Sweden to record it at the renowned Abyss studios, with Tommy Tagtgren as their sound engineer.

Together with "button master" Tommy Tagtgren, their album titled "KINDLESS" achieved stunning sound quality. The title was chosen to describe the album, meaning two things: first "kind-less" as in not very kind (or simply brutal), and second was "kind-less" as a unique album which has no kind like itself.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who helped us with "KINDLESS" production:

Shmier (DESTRUCTION), thanks for all your help with vocals recording on the CD, your voice is perpetual; Peter (HYPOCRISY), thanks for the contribution to our vocals and production; Yishay Shwartz (former BETRAYER now EMBLAZE member), thanks for great advice and help promoting.

ETERNAL GRAY's KINDLESS just received a great review in Hammer Germany, more reviews to come. The band is very active and is about to start its 2002 performances in Israel and in Europe this spring.