Disillusion - Biography




Formed all the way back in 1994, the cornerstone of DISILLUSION's current strength was laid in 2001 when the trio formation of Schmidt/Barthel/Maluschka first got together. The demo recordings Three Neuron Kings and The Porter made waves that swept far across the German borders, soon resulting in a deal with Metal Blade Records.
Two years of hard work later, Back To Times Of Splendor became one of the most successful debuts in German metal history. DISILLUSION received worldwide praise by fans and press alike for a monolithic album that intelligently combined elements from various different genres. After intense live activities including festivals and a European tour, DISILLUSION began working on Gloria in February 2005.
On October 20th/23rd 2006, Metal Blade Records will release the new DISILLUSION album GLORIA. And what an album it is!

Be warned!
GLORIA is a real event. And not for cowards!

Source: http://www.myspace.com/timesofsplendor