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Lucifugum - Biography

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Lucifugum was formed in 1995 in Zhytomyr by poet-composer Khlyst and musicians Bal-a-Myth (guitar, bass) and Faunus (vocals). Faunus has left the band in 2001, and Bal-a-Myth died in his sleep on October 5, 2002. Albums "Back to Chopped Down Roots" and "Sociopath: Philosophy Cynicism" were recorded in 2003 by different session musicians which, however, didn't join the band (in interview Khlyst said that he doesn't know the name of session vocalist on "Sociopath...")
In 2004 Khlyst has moved to another Ukrainian city Mykolayiv to continue the activity of Lucifugum and Propaganda together with local Black Metal activist Elena (Stabaath). "Vector33" is the first album with Stabaath, where she recorded vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards.
All lyrics are written by Khlyst, and music is composed by Stabaath and Khlyst. Khlyst doesn't participate in recording because he is not a musician.