Unreqvited - Biography


Depressive and uplifting; a journey of massive peaks and bottomless caves. Unreqvited's take on post-black metal is one that paints a canvas of musical diversity, with elements of expansive post-rock, tortured dsbm vocals, shimmering blackgaze melodies and grandiose orchestral segments.

With their debut LP "Disquiet", Unreqvited lays down the foundation for their somber, melancholic sound by using hallmark principles of black metal like torrential blast beats and tremolo sparingly. Instead, opting for emphasis on melodies and synthesizers to invoke thoughts of frozen woodlands and a troubled internal state.

Sophomore LP "Stars Wept to the Sea" featured a new approach to the genre. Drifting and dreamlike with crystalline keys and soaring guitar riffs, yet scalding vocals continue to convey torture and pain. Unusual and intriguing, the music is a study in contrasts. Stars Wept is a huge step forward towards maturity, adding tons of new ideas, sparks and personality to the Unreqvited sound. The album's bright, shimmering atmosphere exudes a sense of triumph in the face of a genre often rooted in despair.

"Mosaic I" might be Unreqvited's most ambitious effort to date. Though only 40 minutes in length, their third LP explores far more hopeful territory, deeply rooted in post-rock and orchestral influences. Apart from the harrowing, tormented shrieking vocals, little to no black metal influences remain from their previous releases. It instead features majestic and hopeful refrains, wonderfully evocative progressions, and angelic, delicate atmospheres. The by-product is a captivating new sound that may be completely unique to the genre.

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