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Quorthon - Biography




In 1993 Quorthon set Bathory aside and recorded and released two albums under the name "Quorthon". The first, called Album, was released in 1994, and then in 1996 Quorthon released Blood on Ice, a Viking metal concept album which he began recording in 1989 but did not finish. The final two releases released under the name of Quorthon emerged in 1997 Purity of Essence and the EP When Our Day Is Through. The albums released under the Quorthon moniker were more rock oriented than Bathory's black / Viking /Thrash style. While working on these albums he found new inspiration to continue composing music for Bathory. Bathory's next albums were in a retro-thrash metal style, unlike previous releases. His next albums followed in that vein, before he veered towards his Viking metal style once again especially on the Nordland saga. It was planned as a four-album set, but only two were finished.