Thou Shell Of Death - Biography



Thou Shell of Death´s creation can be described as majestic atmospheric black metal with haunting vocals. The band´s live shows are known as atmospherically hypnotizing and mesmerizing.

Thou Shell of Death was born in spring 2010. At the same year a demo „The Forest Of Shadows" was released and in 2011 a split album with WEDARD (de) followed. Both of them were released as strictly limited wooden box editions. Since the very start, Thou Shell of Death have played various shows all over the Europe, sharing stages with well-known and also underground acts (Mayhem, Strid, Skepticism, Vesania, Altar of Plagues etc…). After signing a contract with Talheim Records, there have been 2 more releases. The long-awaited debut full-length album "Sepulchral Silence" saw the light of day in autumn 2013, and "Cave Hill", a 34-minute EP on 12" vinyl, in January 2015.