Peccatum - Biography




Founded in 1998 by Ihriel, Ihsahn and Lord PZ. The idea behind the band was to create a musical expression based upon continuously changing visions, and to break free from any constants one might be trapped within. Apart from this Peccatum has no visible purpose.

Ihsahn (Emperor, Thou Shalt Suffer) and Lord PZ (Source Of Tide) don't need any introduction or praise for their skills and creativity, nor does Ihriel (the wife of Ihsahn and sister of Lord PZ) whose visions seems to be the focus and main inspiration for the band. The process supporting any Peccatum creation is one of continuous entanglement between visions, lyrics and musical landscapes.

The band started to record tracks for the debut album between April and September 1998. Full length "Strangling From Within", released through Candlelight records in February 1999, gave no space to simple hedonistic forms of metal. Far from it, Peccatum music is much more complex and un-compromised. As a result of the band's attitude, the album received great reactions worldwide, especially amongst the most brave and sensitive souls. Specialized press rushed to praise this new entity as one of the most promising new act in the scene.

Since the release of the debut album, all members of the band have been putting much effort in Peccatum both on the road (on tour in Europe, US and Canada with Emperor) and in the studio. In more than a year of work, a new and deeper confidence has risen. Echoes of operas, contemporary music, gothic atmospheres and avant-garde metal all seem to play an important part in Peccatum. But again, these are NOT the main concerns here. Artistic freedom and creative sensitivities know no boundaries. Peccatum is genera redefining music because it knows no limits.

In spring 2000 Peccatum released "Oh My Regrets", a three tracks EP complete with two original new compositions ("Rise Ye Human" and "Oh My Regrets") and an astonishing cover of Judas Priests classic "Blood Red Skies". The EP served as a reminder to all of us of the virtually infinite potential the band has in creating astonishing new music landscapes. And once again specialized worldwide press rushed to pay tribute to the brave spirit of the band.

"Amor Fati" is Peccatum new full-length album. As you would expect it marks a huge step forward for the band. Every single aspect of Peccatum art is here enhanced and developed to an unforeseen level. Ihriel and Lord PZ's vocal lines project designs and shapes that transcend any genera, Ihsahn's guitar playing seems to have found new dimensions that will surprise many while classic-influenced pieces give a breath-taking glimpse to a different musical universe.

Peccatum restless search for new music forms distilled from such different influences and cultures seems crystallizing now in a new pure entity. But still, as in every pure material, we can leave the whole elaborate creative process behind and simply focus our senses on this experience.

On March 4th, 2006 Peccatum split, leaving room for Ihriel to continue with Star of Ash and Ihsahn to work on his solo work.