Eldritch - Biography




Looking at the musical development of ELDRITCH, you will find out how hard and concentrated the band - established in 1991 - has worked over all these years to get to their current level. Influenced by bands as FATES WARNING, ANNIHILATOR, QUEENSRYCHE and CORONER, the ex-Zeus musicians Eugene Simone (guitar), Adriano Dal Canto (drums) and Terence Holler (vocals) form ELDRITCH. With the completing of the line-up and the release of two high quality demo tapes, interest in the band grows - already in 1993, the band finds a competent manager and music publisher in Limb Schnoor.

1995, the combo releases its debut album "Seeds Of Rage" at INSIDE OUT MUSIC, which is showered with brilliant reviews and voted album of the month in the renowned German Metal Magazine "Heavy, oder was!?".

Two years later, ELDRITCH follow up with "Headquake" - and again the potential of the band shows through. Also, that year is topped off with a performance at the "Gods Of Metal" festival in Milan in front of more than 10.000 people. The year ends with an extraordinarily successful tour through Europe, together with ANGRA.

1998, ELDRITCH release "El Nino", their third album, and at the same time, they strike a musically rougher path. Bands as METALLICA, CORONER or ANNIHILATOR have influenced this album noticeably. The media and the fans acknowledge the broadening of the musical horizon, which results in rising sales and extremely positive reviews. The band is successfully on tour with THRESHOLD + PAIN OF SALVATION and ELDRITCH are celebrated by many fans as trendsetter in the international Prog Metal scene. In the meantime, the line-up has changed, leading to a positive musical input in the band structure.

The fan community had to wait a solid three years for a new album. 2001, "Reverse" is released and surprises again: the band has gotten yet more complex and harder. Bands as MACHINE HEAD and PANTERA left their marks in the musical cosmos of ELDRITCH. Critics are stunned by another performance at the legendary "Gods Of Metal" festival, and the fans support the new musical direction. The band is also enforced by a rhythm guitar player and produced three video clips - among others, they did a cover version of THE KNACK's smash hit "My Sharona"!

Again, three years pass until the next album. When "Portrait Of The Abyss Within" is released in 2004, the band had undergone another line-up change and has signed a new contract with Limb Music Products. Musically, "Portrait Of The Abyss Within" emerges as the most multifaceted and versatile album done by ELDRITCH.

The band has worked in skillfully all the previous influences which enthuses as well the media as the fans. The quintet has found its final style, which is pursued consequently on their album "Neighbourhell" (2006). ELDRITCH even extend this style and break away from their competitors for good. Worthmentioning is definitely the successful, but yet headstrong interpretation of the FAITH NO MORE classic 'From Out To Nowhere', which can be found as one of two bonus tracks (plus video clip) on the excellently designed digipak of "Neighbourhell". The band has supported this album with some important festivals like CHICAGO POWERFEST 2006 (first USA appearance) as HEADLINERS! They also played at Italy's big summer event EVOLUTIONFEST and other Italian shows as headliners...

In the year 2007 the band recorded the 7th album "Blackenday" in a particular dark mood. The 15 songs are extremely catchy and the music is still aggressive as the previous work. Songs like "The Blackened Day", "The Deep Sleep", "Silent Flame", "Hold On" and many others, will stick in your heads like never!! On the ballad "Broken Road" there are 2 special guest musicians such as : RAY ALDER (Redemption, Fates Warning, Engine) and NICHOLAS VAN DYK (Redemption) that gave their special touch to the song. There's also a great videoclip for the "The Blackened Day" done by the director Mirco Andreis (Italy). The artwork is done by NERVE design (Italy). What else? Just one thing, Eldritch's music is quite unique and hard to describe, but one thing is sure: it's Melodic/Hard/Heavy/Thrash metal!!

During summer 2007, after the Gods of Metal and the Sweden Rock fests, the band decided to replace the drummer Dave Simeone with the young and explosive Raffahell Dridge. This due to personal reasons between the band and Dave, but in a friendly way. In November 2008 the band finally released their first official live "Livequake" (in this case a double live album plus a dvd of the entire 2 hour show and some raritees). Another European tour as openers for the greek metal gods Firewind from November 2008 to January 2009 and then other shows in Italy till the end of the yearÉ another bit of Italian headliner shows during the whole 2010 and then the band entered the recording studios.....

The band is now ready to record the 8th studio album (should be titled "Gaia's Legacy") and is going back to the sound of the first era, that means ultra progressive, technical, thrashy metal with keys and pianos. The lyrics are a concept about global warming effects, climate change and whatever has to do with Mother Nature and our planet..... There's a new second guitar player that replaced Pek Proietti, his name is Rudj Ginanneschi, a real axe killer!! The new official keyboard player is Gabriele Caselli (ex Domine), which is giving the new album a really progressive and modern touch! Eldritch are officially confirmed for Atlanta's PROGPOWER U.S.A. fest on September 2011...... not bad at all!!!!