Shabti - Biography


SHABTI have been steadfastly crafting their brand of brooding technical black/death metal since emerging from the thaw of the Maine winter in 2008, eschewing gimmicks, trends, and posturing, in favor of focusing on more direct sonic pursuits. Subsequent years saw the release of two demos and the 2013 full-length, Paracusia.

After several years and permutations, in 2015 the lineup finally coalesced to feature Ray C. (Falls of Rauros, Obsidian Tongue, Panopticon live) on drums, Brendan H. (Obsidian Tongue) on bass/vocals and founding member Rob C. on guitar and vocals. Over the years, SHABTI have played many live shows throughout the Northeastern United States with bands such as Absu, Today Is The Day and Primitive Man.

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