Sarcoma Inc. - Biography

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Sarcoma Inc. was formed in Anno-2000, project dictator is none other than Daemon ex-Limbonic art and ex-Zyklon fame on 4-6 strings and vocals. Now he is finally back with his own band, which is a intense constellation of 80s Speed/Thrash Metal and the early Black Metal of the 90s. It's unique sound has stirred the interest of many, and if you like what sounded real in the early days, this is as close as you can get in this millennium. One year later, additional musician Arghamon (Lucid Fear) joined him on drums, making Sarcoma Inc. a duo. It's been quiet around the band during these first three years, but things are starting to happen. On short time the band has created material for two full length albums, the first strike is already released on December the 24th Anno-2003 under the sign of Epidemic Music Norway. "Torment Rides Forever" is a hybrid of old school inspiration. Speed/Thrash and Black metal from the 80's era. The lyrics concept on the first album is rather obscene and vulgar. Dealing with the bizarre passions that dwells within the dark human mind. Misanthropic attitudes, hatred, violence, mental illness, sadistic sexual attractions, psycholomania, necrophilia, pathological reveries, etc. Earlier this year they supported Mayhem at Parkbiografen, For the gig they have hired bass player Rick Hagan as session member. The band was in studio, recording their second album and the mastering is ready to be released on the fall of Anno-2004. They also have material enough for a third album. All the creative work is done by Daemon himself. Expect Thrash Black Metal with an attitude!