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Collapse 7 - Biography




In 1992, Mario Klausner (bass, vocals) and Werner Freinbichler (guitar) decided to make their preference for extreme music a personal reality by forming "SCENT OF PARADISE". A close friend, Manfred Schneider, supported them on the drums. In the beginning, the Doom/Death Metal influences were quite pronounced, and in 1993 they recorded their first demo, "Solitude." It soon became obvious that the band's direction was turning more and more toward the Death Metal genre. No longer able to identify themselves with the band name, they changed it to PATHETIC.

In 1995, PATHETIC surprised the underground with a very professional demo entitled "As We Fade". In order to reproduce the fierce twin-guitar sound in a live environment, Gerald Huber joined the line-up in the fall of 1996. Manfred Schneider was forced to leave the band in 1998 due to personal reasons and a replacement was quickly found. Unfortunately, the new arrangement did not work out and PATHETIC survived for a long time sans drummer. Werner, Mario, and Gerry, however, continued to compose new material, while PATHETIC further developed in silence, away from prying eyes.

In 1996, Mario took over the bass responsibilities for BELPHEGOR and joined PUNGENT STENCH in 2001. Likewise in 2001, Werner and Mario joined HOLLENTHON's live line-up, thus meeting their future drummer, Mike Gröger. He joined them in 2003 to record "In Deep Silence" as COLLAPSE 7.

From March to July, the renamed band recorded their latest work at the Vato Loco Studio under the supervision of producer and fellow musician, Martin Schirenc.

With this debut release, COLLAPSE 7 have perfected their "Apocalyptic Death Metal" style, creating a brutal and impressive release that is doused with a good dose of aggression, complimented with melodic arrangements, and sealed with precise rhythmic support. "In Deep Silence" is scheduled for a 17 May release on NAPALM RECORDS.

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