Primigenium - Biography

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Primigenium was formed in autumn 1992 by Smaug and Alhaz. After several reahersals (one of these was recorded and wrongly spreaded as a rehearsal demo) they entered a studio and recorded two songs which were supposed to be released by Cacophonous Recs (Uk) as a 7"EP, but due to some problems and misunderstandings the band decided to release the recording by themselves as a demo titled "As Eternal As The Night". This demo tape was released in January 1994 and had a very good response within the growing international Black Metal scene.

Wild Rags Recs (Usa) offers the band to release these two song demo on CD and they enter the studio again in March 1995 to record an extra song (+ outro) for the edition. This was finally released in early 1996 and was the first issue of a Wild Rags collection CD singles.

In 1995 Primigenium signs with Greek label Unisound Recs for the release of their debut full lenght album. After the recording, which took place during December 1995, some problems appear between the label and the band so deal is cancelled. After receiving some offers from different labels, finally Full Moon Prods (Usa) released the "Art of War" album in 1997, again with great reviews and reception worldwide.

In 1999 End All Life Prods (Fra) offers the band the edition of a limited 7"vinyl, so Smaug & Alhaz enters a home studio this time for the recording of two new songs. The EP was released under the name of "All Your Tears Will Be Ours", and later re-released as CD-EP again by lFull Moon Prods.

During some time, Smaug keeped writting some Black Metal songs and meeting Alhaz occasionally, playing guitars and working on new songs together but without a proper direction, as the future of Primigenium was uncertain. In February 20001 finally they enter the Attack Studios for the recording of eight Black Metal songs.

The second Primigenium album "Intolerance" was released in 2002 in CD and LP formats by Drakkar Prods (Fra). Also two tape editions were done, one for East Europe (Propaganda in Ukrania) and another for Asia (InCoffin Prods in Thailand).

Later some personal problems affect Smaug and he decided to finish Primigenium at an uncertain point.

After years of silence, with some sudden changes of Smaug circumstances, he decide to return to activity and during 2008 he starts writting new songs. Some of these were recorded at Moontower Studios in 2010 by Smaug alone, and later mastered at Necromorbus studios. Primigenium third album "Faith through Anguish" was released in 2011 by BlackSeed Prods (managed by ex- member Alhaz).

During all these years, Primigenium remained as a studio band but at the beginning of 2012 Smaug contact some members of other bands from Madrid to complete a line-up and start playing live. First Primigenium gig ever took place in Madrid in March, and since then the band have shared stage with bands like Bethlehem, Blacklodge, Muro, Bloodoline, Balmog, Aversio Humantatis... Some new live appearances are already scheduled for 2013

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