Ethernal - Biography

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"It's rare for a band to have their own sound these days, but these guys certainly have managed it."
Lars Christiansen, MTUK

"...a nature oriented black metal that is also very esoteric and mind-expansive through the use of epic instrumentation."
Nocturnal Cult

Ethernal was formed in 2001 by Kris and Defiler with intention of forging a genuine British Black Metal sound. Nechtan was recruited in 2002 and the band began a turbulent process of development.

Two demos were released in 2003 and 2004, demonstrating the bands promise. Boosted by well received reviews the band undertook the studio recording of Grim Ethernity. Due to various obstacles, notable the parting of ways with original guitarist and bassist, the recording of Grim Ethernity spanned two years, between 2005-2007.

Ethernal are currently putting together a new gigging line up which will be announced soon.