Vomitory - Biography




The history of Vomitory started in October 1989 when guitarist Urban Gustafsson and bassplayer Ronnie Olson decided to start a band that played uncompromising, fast and brutal music.

Under influence of such bands as Sodom, Slayer, Celtic frost, Entombed and Napalm death the band took its shape and they knew immediately in which direction the steamroller was heading. Soon Urbans' brother Tobias, who at that time also played in the speed-metal band Eureka, joined on drums.

In April 1990, in their home village Forshaga, Vomitory did their very first gig. Soon after that Ronnie felt that he wanted to concentrate on the vocals only, so Bengt Sund joined the band to handle the bass. To achieve the sound they wanted for the new material, Vomitory needed another guitarist, so Bengts' friend Ulf Dalegren joined on guitar in June 1991. Now the band was complete.

The first studio recording was released as a demo tape in spring 1992, and through that release Vomitory spread their name in the worldwide underground scene. After the first, self-titled, demo had been released, contact was established between Vomitory and Witchhunt records, Switzerland. Later on, in June 1993, Witchhunt records released a Vomitory 7" single, entitled "Moribund". It was sold in 1600 - 2000 copies during the first period of two months. The cover for the first 1000 copies was misprinted, and can nowadays be considered as a rarity. Shortly after the recording of the 7? single Bengt Sund was asked to leave the band. So he did, and he guy who replaced him was Thomas Bergqvist, who also was playing together with Ulf Dalegren in the doom-metal band Nezgaroth at that time.

After the release of the 7" single, some labels showed their interest in Vomitory, so they entered the studio with the new line-up to record a five-track promotion tape for further co-operation, but nothing happened. So instead of wasting time by waiting for an offer, Vomitory recorded the demo tape "Through sepulchral shadows" in March 1994. With this tape Vomitory received a lot of good reviews in fanzines all over the world. 1000 copies of this tape was sold.

In April 1995 the band visited Poland for a small and very successful tour through the whole country. This was the first time Vomitory played outside Sweden, so it was a great experience for the band, especially since the response from the polish metal maniacs was great!

In early 1996 Vomitory was signed by Fadeless records, The Netherlands, and in April they recorded their first full length CD, entitled "Raped in their own blood". It was released in November the same year. After the release of "Raped in their own blood" both Thomas and Ronnie left Vomitory. Erik Rundqvist (bass) and Jussi Linna (vocals) replaced them.

In July 1998 Vomitory finally recorded the second album "Redemption", but it wasn't released until March 1999. With this release Vomitory once again proved that they stick to their style of old-school death metal and that they never compromise. During the last two years of this decade Vomitory has done two tours in Europe - two trips where they got the opportunity to meet some of all Vomit-bangers that has supported Vomitory during these ten years.

Now Vomitory is back with their third album (first one for Metal Blade), entitled "Revelation Nausea". Once again Henrik Larsson is responsible for the excellent production, and this is their most brutal release ever. 10 songs of fast, brutal, Swedish-reeking, old school death metal are ready to fuck your ears!