Necronomicon - Biography



You'd be hard pressed to find a band in the thrash camp that polarizes metal fans like this southern German troop. Freddy, Axel, Andi and Jogi dedicated themselves to thrash metal over 25 years ago. The path of these 4 guys has been anything but an easy one. Their band history has often been a rocky, craggy road full of hard knocks - something every Necro fan has noticed over the years.

But how does it go again: you have to roll with the punches!

And this band does have one thing: balls and staying power and more than anything authenticity.

That's the only way to explain that a really big fan community worldwide has dedicated themselves with heart and soul to this band. And these guys appreciate it.
The fact is Necronomicon has always gone their own way musically. They've never denied the roots of punk. There's always been a big reception from the metal underground. Bands like GBH, Exploited or Discharge are still in the hearts and ears of these guys. More than anybody, Axel lets that come through unmistakably on the drums.

In 2007 they recorded the long player "Revenge of the Beast" out of their own pocket. Once it was re-produced, mixed and mastered by Guru Achim Köhler it became a damn jackhammer!

But they didn't just leave it at one production:

Out of thanks and respect to the fans, Necronomicon produced "Revenge of the Beast" on their own a second time - in the style of the 80's. It was all done in Temple Studio with Oliver Noack and Necronomicon and sounds like it - raw and brutal. Both productions are being released together on a special edition for the 25th anniversary.

Like in all the years past, "Revenge of the Beast" clearly displays the workmanship of front man Freddy. On the one hand, in your face (hard, straight riffs and Freddy's unmistakable voice) and on the other the piece surprises with the typical musical fine points that shape this band today and make it impossible to pigeonhole - pure Necronomicon!

Freddy had some help from Andi who fine tuned the guitar solos on this production and pummeled in the bass.

Necronomicon separated from the last record company in 2007 again because the desired success wasn't there. So now what?

They pulled out all the stops. Had loads of talks and negotiations. Had some good but also some less positive experiences until they reached a decision.
Necronomicon has signed with the Spanish label "Xtreem Music" where the guys have the full backing, attention and respect for their work. Dave Rotten, the owner of "Xtreem Music" is a die-hard musician himself and has the music - and not only money - in mind. Necronomicon hopes for a lot from this cooperation - mostly though for the fans, who will get the new long player "Revenge of the Beast" worldwide.

The most important thing for Necronomicon in 2009: to be on stage in Europe and the rest of the world to heat up the metal community.
They'll be presenting the new album for the first time in 3 shows in Russia. Then there's the Release Party in Germany at the Metal Forces Festival. In January they'll be heading to Spain where the new label is headquartered.

Since December 2010, Freddy had been busy writing new songs for the highly anticipated new album, "Invictus" which will be produced at the Arson Music Studio in Breisach and Berlin. Sound guru Achim Köhler will once again handle the mix and mastering. The guest musicians are none other than Randy Black (Ex Annihilator) and Ben Krahl (Final Kings).

With "Invictus", NECRONOMICON's individuality and skill in terms of song writing goes from strength to strength, exceeding all expectations with a full sound and terrific production. The new album is generating a lot of interest, expectations are high and they got the perfect label in massacre records.

Let there be no doubt in anyone's mind - NECRONOMICON has never been stronger!