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Their original logo appeared on their demos "Dark Lords of the Cyst" (1999) "Massive Deconstructive Surgery" (2000) and first album "The Autophagous Orgy" (2002).


LORD GORE was a slavering horde of psychotic individuals with an insatiable hunger for violence, gore and deviated pornography. Fueled by all things disgusting and morally repugnant, They Excreted an Aural Organism that is equal parts Old School Death/Doom/Gore Metal with a newer putrid dynamic that is better heard than described. Drawing inspiration from gods Autopsy, Impetigo, Rigor Mortis and others, they were a writhing, foetid beast of pure perverted sickness. Nightmarish Whore tortured shrieks and Inhuman sub-gutterals lambast the subconscious with primal suggestions of utmost hatred and obscenity while the listener is virtually raped by the chainsaw riffing and unrelenting battery of skins.

Lord Gore was formed in 1998 as a side project of Wraithen; a black metal band SCSI, Gurge, and Nekro were in. Hordak and Gurge came up with the idea of starting an old school death metal band that was influenced by the classic death metal bands with a doomy touch, like Autopsy and Impetigo. The line up of the band at this point was:

Gurge - Guitar
Hordak - Guitar
Nekro - Vocals
SCSI - Bass
Redrum - Drums
This is the line up that recorded the first demo, Dark Lords Of The Cyst in 1999. We re-recorded all the songs on this demo a few months later when a label in Japan showed interest in releasing a professional casette demo. At the time, Hordak's other bands (Thy Infernal and Engorged) were demanding a lot of his time and energy. He left the band on good terms right after the demo was recorded. SCSI stepped up to fill in as the guitarist and we had a few friends of the band that helped out on bass when we would play shows.

We took a short break after the demo was recorded to focus on Wraithen as we had just signed a deal to release 3 records with a metal label. After a 9 month break, Razorback Records had signed Lord Gore and we resumed writing. We were invited to participate in the Wizards Of Gore Impetigo tribute and chose to record Breakfast At The Manchester Morgue at a small studio in Portland Oregon.

Lord Gore and Redrum parted ways approximately 1 month before recording our debut CD for Razorback. We simply had different priorities at this point and didn't feel this line up would work out for the long run. At Hordak's recommendation, we asked Colon Bowel to join the band. He really stepped up and learned all the songs in an incredibly short time. The line up of the band when we recorded The Autophagous Orgy was:

Gurge - Vocals/Guitar/Bass
SCSI - Guitar/Bass
Nekro - Vocals
Colon Bowel - Drums
The Autophagous Orgy was recorded in the basement and living room of Gurge and SCSI's house over 8 months from 2001-2002. We used a digital 16 track, a Mackie mixer and a variety of Shure and AKG microphones. Maniac Killer joined during this time and this would free Gurge up to do focus all his energy on doing vocals full time.

We parted ways with Nekro right after the CD was released in April of 2002 due to personal differences. A few months later, Jesus H Dump joined the band as full time bassist. We played a few shows in the northwest and began writing new material before recording Decomposed for a Repulsion tribute that to this day hasn't been released.

We played a string of dates on the west coast in the spring of 2004 including the AZ Deathfest with this line up:

Gurge - Vocals
SCSI - Guitars
Maniac Killer - Guitars
JHD - Bass
Colon Bowel - Drums
After these west coast dates, JHD had decided to leave the band to concentrate on his other band, Bung.

We began recording 19 songs for the follow up record in June of 2004. We used totally different equipment for the 2nd record. The drums were recorded in 3 days at our jam space by Rich Franklin with a portable studio. The rest of the music was recorded digitally with a PC. We used PODs instead of amps to record all of the guitars. The record was finished 6 months later in Novemeber and released Christmas Eve in December of 2004.

Lord Gore officially broke up in 2006.

Reviews from Braindead Webzine
Lord Gore
"Resickened" CD
Razorback Records 2004

"Resickened" is such of an utterly satisfying experience it almost brings tears to my eyes... Safe to say this one truly delivers the goods... Fresh, ingenious song-writing, outright vile musical vibe, crisp sound production, just about everything about this album gels perfectly. Guitar riffs are quite basic but inscribed inside some really inventive song structuring, well-thought out song progression... Songs are really juicy and often take unexpected turns, every now and then throwing in some incredibly twisted guitar solo's processed through weird filters and stuff... There's an obvious attempt at turning this record into sheer hysterical madness, slimy sonorous lunacy... Song-writing is simply solid, implacable thrashing, heavy riffs, a pinch of macabre melody... This stuff is intricate and rich enough to make for immensely enjoyable repeated listenings... For the rest, I love the distorted bass sound and the awesome, thick drum tone... Drumming-wise, this is really tight with some really effective, catchy rhythms, loads of doublebass pounding, pretty fast stuff overall, but also mid-paced when it's appropriate, never over-indulging in hyperspeed; And obviously, you've got Lord Gore's almost defining viscous, slick, liquid, nauseous vocals, giving the band's music a very large chunk of its depth; retching grunts and growls, slippery squeals and various other splattery vocal chord tortures... No vocal effects are used so it really gives this stuff a special organic feel... As usual, you can discern a huge amount of influences peaking through the songs, Lord Gore seems to have a very referential composing approach, quite similar to Engorged; it'd be really fastidious citing them all, but the ones that spring to mind the most are Pungent Stench (in general), Impetigo (neat song-writing), Terrorizer (grinding rage), Autopsy (doom side) & Gut (sickening vocals & slight G.G. Allin-type punk feel), a few riffs even made me think of Bolt Thrower... I'd say the greatest elements of "The Autophagous Orgy" are really expanded on with much more punch, a better sense of rhythm, structure, progression and a generally catchier musical environment... A clever and dynamic use of intro samples and some exquisitely mean-spirited lyrical themes manage to elevate the album even higher... Packaging-wise, this is also a masterpiece, magnificent artwork, slick layout and this time around the complete lyrics printed inside the booklet... What more can you ask? This is beautiful, beautiful work... This album simply feels like a giant gore/death metal orgasm! Get it!

Lord Gore
"The Autophagous Orgy" CD
Razorback Records 2002

Lord Gore has been around for a few years I think, and well, here's their debut full length album. Their style is old school heavy death metal with a strong gorecore influence. Nothing blazing fast, just something truly sinister and dirty sounding in the vein of Autopsy and Impetigo. Of course, Lord Gore braces many other influences. The solid death metal guitar riffs resemble the ones of Massacre on "From Beyond" (with a bit of old Immolation/Cannibal Corpse in the mix as well), the goregasmic vocals extravaganza (proudly performed 'without effects') are very much in the vein of Gut and you can also add to all that the obnoxious attitude of the infamous Meatshits... The Hentai cover art is a peak of sadistic pornogore madness (what the hell are censors waiting to ban this?). You've got utterly repugnant movie samples (New York Ripper & stuff even worse etc...) and equally unnameable lyrics (I'm speaking about the few lines I could decypher among the gurgling growls, coz lyrics are unfortunately not included in the booklet... why?). The songs are all monuments of nauseous, gory filth and vileness, lengthy, heavy and entangled in gooey sound textures. The point of "The Autophagous Orgy" is not to be the fastest death metal ever, but to craft music in order to make people physically ill and repulsed, and guess what, it works! For that matter, Lord Gore rely on splattery vocals, and make an inventive use of watery, blood-gurgling, guttural vocals. I'm pretty sure this album succeeds in being one of the sickest ever in the gorecore genre, the band's music is a bit overblown sometimes but the album's all so delightfully abundant in blood and guts... Gorehounds will just love it!