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After the publication of a single demo tape in 1996, YYRKOON concertized their first steps thanks to their debut album "Oniric Transition" released under the French label (presently disappeared) VMI in 1998. At that time, the singular and surprising composition of the album allured the public quickly, and requests for live performances started to flow.

After a following very dark mini-CD "Forgotten Past", released in 2000, the Picardy band would surprise even more with their second album "Dying Sun" (Anvil corp.) in 2002. Illustrated in a Heavy-Thrash register, The album took every one by reverse; the effects were bomb like, and all criticisms were unanimous. Distributed in particular in Europe, Japan and Russia, YYRKOON was consequently one of the most credited bands in France.

But eventually it was in 2004 after the release of the explosive "Occult Medicine", recorded in Hansen Studio-Denmark (Pestilence, Volbeat, Aborted…), that the public and press agreed to recognize YYRKOON as a sure value of the European Metal scene. From then on the band was distributed universally and enjoyed the benefits of an important media coverage thanks to their recent contract with Osmose Production; thus, Frenchies harvested massive ovations all across the globe . Booking requests became increasingly frequent, and the band found themselves crossing several European countries in particular in company of Impaled Nazarene at the time of their 2005 tour.

In March 2006, "Unhealthy Opera" was born. Once again recorded in Hansen studio, the fourth album of YYRKOON confirmed the bands rising power. More inspiring than ever, part of work was made up directly on the spot. Joining the force as well, Andy Laroque (King Diamond) made a memorable appearance on the track "Horror from the sea". Once again criticisms were generous and unanimous. The heat kept growing in adventures, leaving land marks such as a full scale Europian tour in company of Nile and Psycroptic through all Europe; the band had incredible success in the majority of the venues in which it occurred.

After several shows in countries such as Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, at the end of 2006, a proven lack of motivation became eminent for YYRKOON and eventually pushed the band to put it's career into a stand-by mood. They assembled on scene for the last time on February 17, 2007 in Lille, France.

(Source: http://www.myspace.com/yyrkoon)