The Legion - Biography



The Legion's march of conquest started in 1999 with the purpose to bring a new, icy chill to the then self-mutilated and corrupted extreme metal scene. The long sold-out demo tape "Bloodaeons" (2000) and ep "Awakened Fury" (Neodawn/Deepsend, 2003) helped to stir an underground reputation that was soon to evolve into full-scale worldwide recognition. In June 2003 the horde went off to Abyss Studios to record the debut album "Unseen to Creation" for launch later the same year on the French label Listenable Records.

The year 2004 saw a series of deflowering violence at stages across Europe. After avoiding public exposure during 2005, The Legion resumed the onslaught with the massively complex follow-up "Revocation" in 2006. Recorded partly at Endarker Studios, partly at the then to-be-established Art Decay (the studio owned and run by guitarist Kottelin), this malignant work of art meant a step away from the safe and clean production of "Unseen to Creation", towards something disturbingly beautiful, yet savagely dirty and dark. More touring followed.

Now stronger than ever - with vocalist Martinsson back in the ranks after a period of commitments elsewhere - The Legion has returned with their most mature release to date. "A Bliss to Suffer" (entirely produced by the band members themselves) displays the relentless speed and severe brutality of previous efforts blended together with strangely atmospheric and epic elements, taking the lethal concoctions to new heights. The Legion as of 2009 means a grander picture, a fuller statement, a final discharge of the talent and determination that made this group a force to reckon from the very start.