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Ivory Tower - Biography




The history of the band goes back to 1996, when singer Andre Fischer, guitarist Sven Boge and drummer Thorsten Thrunke joined forces to form, what was described as, one of the most promising, new metal bands in the Kiel area of Northern Germany. After the requisite line-up changes, that young bands seem to go through, the band changed its name to Ivory Tower and headed into a more progressive area of their composition. The ideal completion for the band and their newfound direction was found in bassist Stephan Laschetzki and keyboard player Stephan Machon.

Late 1997 saw the first contact between the band and the Limb Music Products label who, immediately recognized the musicians' potential and offered them a deal. The self-titled debut album was released in October 1998 and the echo on the part of the media and fans was tremendously favourable. Described by Germany's esteemed Rock Hard Magazine as having made a "highly successful entrance" into the progressive metal world. The album went on to achieve very respectable reviews both in Germany and across Europe.