Abramis Brama - Biography



Abramis Brama from the south side of Stockholm, Sweden, began as a trio in 1997. Six months later they had turned into a quartet and startet writing original material with lyrics in Swedish, a very odd choice at the time...

The debut album "Dansa tokja.velns vals" (RHCD20) was released in 1999.

In the autumn 1999 original singer Christian Andersen left the band and was replaced by Ulf Torkelsson (ex Sunflower, Pathfinder).

March 5th 2001 saw the release of "Nar tystnaden lagt sig..." (RHCD35), their second album.

In 2003 the band took a step "off track" when an entire album in English was recorded by request from the recordlabel. It´s suitable title was "Nothing changes" (SRR012) and it was a sort of "best of-album" with English lyrics containg re-recordings of songs from the two previous albums with new lyrics on new subjects (working title was "We sold our souls to Record Heaven")...

2004 saw the band once again at Sweden Rock Festival (having played there in 2000) but this time on a bigger stage, doing their appearence inbetween The Haunted and Entombed. The gig was a success and the bands merchendise and albums where all sold out by the end of the festival. Abramis Brama won a great victory over those who previously didnt want to listen, -"since its sung in Swedish, and that cant be done...?..."

-Well...it can!

It´s amongst other things something that can be noticed when one reflects over the number of other hardrockbands that has started to sing in Swedish in the past few years...

On the 31st of January 2005 the bands fourth full-length album entitled "Rubicon" (SRR035) was released with a big old releaseparty that saw the first appearance of live guitarist Robert "Rabbi Rob" Johansson with the band. A man borrowed from Swedish Southern Hardrock heroes "Backdraft" (please check em out in our "friends" section", brilliant band they are).

In February 2005 drummer Jansson announced that he would leave the band by the end of the year. There was a "Janssons final gig" at Debaser i Stockholm, Sweden on the 29th of december that year and most of the following spring were spent trying out new drummers.

Sometime in march 2006 faith had it´s way with us and in the beginning of june Trisse, formerly of Grand Magus claimed the drumthrone in Abramis. First gig with Trisse was on saturday the 1st of july at Malarrocken in Vasteras, a big outdoor event.

Thousands and thousands of miles on the road has paid off and the band is known for their thight and well performed gigs. With the energy that is released on stage it´s impossible NOT to feel "as if one has been run over by a truck", and the fanatical fans are increasing in numbers...

-"If you´ve seen them once, you´d want to do it again, and again, and again..."