Cuatro Gatos - Biography

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In 2001, three ex-member of the Spanish rock band "Ñu" joined to start a new band, looking to merge distinct style (Heavy, Hard-Rock, Symphonic, Progressive...). The musicians were Joaquín Arellano, Juan Miguel Rodríguez y Pedro Vela. The name of the band emerged from the last album of "Ñu" with the musician played. In the early days of the band Javier Canseco and Ivan Urbistondo joined to the band and record a demo with five songs, which later was the origin of the first album, "La Caja de Música".

Due to musicals reasons, Ivan left "Cuatro Gatos", and the search for a new singer finish when the band found to Alex Fraccia, who record with the band the second album "Esferica". This new album don't like to critics and publics much as the first album, and the comparison with the first singer end up by tire to Alex, who left the band.

After a few years without moving the band, and trying to re-start the project with a new singer, finally the band decided to re-structure itself. Then, Juan Miguel left keyboards in order to be the new singer in the band. Near to Juan Miguel, a new female singer, Covadonga Martinez, join to the band. And Carlos Alvarez takes the position in keyboards. With this new formation, the band record "El Sueño de la Razón" in 2009.