Crucified Barbara - Biography




It all started out in the suburbs of Stockholm back in early 1998. We began as a bunch of aggressive punkrockers, but has ended up as a energic heavymetal/rocknroll band and has never sounded better.

We signed up for our first album in the end of 2003, with GMR music group, a cool independent recordlabel from our own town. Recordings took place in Kristianopel, Sweden at Pama Studios/ Blakk Records with producer /engineer Mankan Sedenberg, during the spring of 2004.

The single "Losing The Game" was released Dec 8 '05 and went straight up to no. 8 on the Swedish Hitlist, The song and the video (recorded/produced by M Industries) is frequently played at radiostations and TV, for example Rockklassiker 106.7fm, Radio Bandit 106.3 fm, SR P3, Scuzz TV, VIVA and many more.

The debut album was released in Sweden Jan 19th, and is now out in several countries (the U.K, France, Germany, Benelux) and more releases are expected during the spring of 2005. There has been a lot of good response, and we're looking forward to tour the world this year, to give all of you the opportunity to have a real good live-experience....
-Probably the best crucifixion you'll ever have!!!

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