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Dies Ater is a German Black Metal Band preferring an atmospheric and melodic style to express their emotions and feelings.
Dies Ater was founded by Nuntius Tristis (vocals & guitar) in autumn '94. It did not take much time to realize that it was very difficult to express and create all the music by his own. So he was looking for some companions. After a long and very careful search he found Impurus (drums), who was playing in a small Death-Band before, and Obskur (bass).

But the line-up was not complete. Another guitar-player was still missing. Torgrim (lead guitar) filled this gap. So the band could start. The first thing to do was to find a name. Dies Ater seemed to fit in the best way. It stands for "a black/fatal day".
The first step to glory was the recording for the Demo called 'Rabenflug' in 1996. It took a while until it could be released, because the studio-works in the Orkikiller-Studio were tough and difficult ones. But finally the four songs "Filius Tenebrae", "A mourner's dream", 'Rabenflug' and "Engelsnacht" sounded quite good (for a demo).
The responses from fans and magazines were very pleasant. And so Dies Ater played many concerts (for example with "Nagelfar", "Ablaze my sorrow", "Cryogenic"), wrote small interviews and got some label-offerings (Kettenhund Rec., Solistitium). "Dies Ater" finally signed at the english label Mordgrimm Records. They were the third band who were signed (after "Covenant" and "Osculum infame"). To intensify their expressions Ole C. (keyboard) joined the band.

Winter '98 the Spiderhouse-Studio (Harris Johns) was booked for the 'Reign of Tempests'-recordings.
Harris Johns' working-style is a very professional one and so is the sound on the CD. The press was impressed by this intensity and power that this german guys released. So they got good critics followed by some gigs. After some financial problems at Mordgrimm Dies Ater deceided to leave this label. Many offerings followed. And after serious considerations, they signed at Last Episode. A label which have good possibilities to support them.
Short time later (May 2000) they entered the Blue House Studio and recorded their second album 'Thorugh weird woods'. The man on the mixer was Jens Bachmann.
Dies Ater played at some bigger festivals, like the Wave-Gothic-Meeting ein Leipzig, the "Under a the black Sun"- and the "Summer Breeze" festival.
The release of the latest album, 'Through weird Woods', was the September 25th 2000.
As it was expected this new album was definitely a great success for Dies Ater.
The press confirmed the massive advance concerning sound, Songwriting and even the lyrical style.
But after this release Dies Ater faced a serious problem they've confronted some years ago. The money-problem of the label! Cause of many unpaid bills Last Episode run out of cash. That's why the time between the recording and the release of 'Chanting evil' took so long.

In the meantime the demos 'Rabenflug' from Dies Ater and 'Ignis occultus in.' from Cryogenic were re-released on Fog of the Apocalypse. This "jewel" was limited to 300 pieces and is to become a very rare collectors-object. In April 2003 time was right to release another full-length-album with massive and brutal sound, called 'Chanting Evil'. Following their path of melodic and atmospheric black metal this longplayer represented impressively the development of Dies Ater. To find the right sound two studios were entered, at MSP in Berlin (Martin Slechta) all recordings and premixes were done. For mastering the band visited a well known person: Harris Johns at the Spiderhouse Studio.

'Chanting Evil' was released on a new label: NeonKnights. K. Jakob, the former leader of LE, managed to establish this label, free of all the retarding things which paralyzed LE.
In June 2003 something dismal happened: Obskur left the band. Losing interest and engagement the band was forced to separate from this longtime-member.

But this fact did not break Dies Ater. Torgrim, playing the lead guitar before, picked up the bass-part and the gap he left behind was filled by a formidable guitarplayer: Andy of Apokrypha.
At the "Under the black sun"-festival '03 Dies Ater played their first gig with this new formation to present 'Chanting Evil' on stage.
About half and year later the band surprised the whole scene with a spectacular release. In November 2004 'Out of the dark' an impressive MCD was presented to the mass, including a cover-version of the same called song from the former Austrian musician Falco, which died in 1998, and besides two new songs and a rerecorded version of "Dethrone the weak mortality" was added. Becoming more melodic and intensive this release shows that the band's creativity was not limited to just pure black metal. There is much more potential which is waiting to break out.
To give all songs the corresponding sound D.A. booked the Stage-One Studio of Andy Classen. He did a quite impressive job to put all tracks in an exciting and remarkable sound-dress.
With their new label Black Attakk the band will continue to develop and soon a new longplayer will follow.

Source: www.diesater.de/index.htm