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Consensus - Biography





Formed in 2001 by Jeroen D.B. (vocals, guitar), Koen (guitar) and Kris (drums), Consensus set out to create emotional and melancholic music. Taking inspiration from many different genres, Consensus blend these elements into a rich, dark atmosphere.

The three-piece were joined in early 2002 by Koenraad on bass, and went through a few keyboard players before Michaël joined the band permanently in the summer of 2002. With this permanent lineup, Consensus began rehearsing, recording demos and playing live shows. Not long after, Koenraad decided to part ways with the band, and Maarten stepped up to fill his place.

Consensus released their first opus, a self-recorded and self-released album entitled "Larvatus Prodeo" in 2004. Containing eight songs laced in a sad beauty, the album represents the first step in Consensus's sound. This was only the beginning, however.

After "Larvatus Prodeo" was released, Michaël left the band as a permanent member to pursue his studies in England, and Koen decided to leave the band entirely. Jeroen J. was brought in as a new guitarist, and Katrien joined as a flautist, both contributing to Consensus's sound.

The year 2005 saw a new release and the next step in Consensus's evolution. The EP "Libertatis Clamor" was recorded and produced at Midas Studios. Sporting a clearer production, the music itself represented a clear progression for Consensus: the pervading sense of sadness and sorrow was still present, bound in complex song structures that flow between delicate melodies and powerful, heavy passages.