Naumachia - Biography

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Naumachia was born in 1999 in Wyszkow, Poland.
In September of 2000, Naumachia entered the Selani Studio, where they recorded their first demo. After that Naumachia appeared live getting their first gig experiences and gaining positive feedback from audiences.
In the year 2003 Naumachia went back to studio. This time in the professional environment of Hertz (known for productions of Vader, Behemoth and Decapitated), where during eight October days album Wrathorn was recorded.

Three months later Naumachia signed a contract with Empire Records, released and sold 5000 copies of Wrathorn.
In the end of November 2005 in the studio "Hertz" Naumachia recorded the album "Callous Kagathos" which was released on 15 January 2007. After the release of "Callous Kagathos" Naumachia started with the promotion of new album: Sulfur Tour 2007/08 and Rebel Angels Tour 3 / 2008.

In January and February 2009, Naumachia was again in the Hertz studio in Bialystok. On this album Naumachia made some major lineup changes. VX Mind Ripper (Atrophia Red Sun) on synth, the bass came from Mortifer (known from HATE and Saltus) and on percussion, Icanraz (Devilish Impresions, Christ Agony, Abused Mayesty). This was the fresh new blood Naumachia needed to make the killer album: Black Sun Rising. After the release

Naumachia went on tour with Rotting Christ (Aealo Tour 2010).
In the beginning of 2011 Naumachia was on the look for a new drummer. And they found one in Norway. Anders (Astat) Johansen (Nihilo) from Drammen joined the band. Most of the current band members now live in Norway.

In December 2012 Naumachia entered studio Hertz again. Making a killer new album. Album release is late 2013.