Sycronomica - Biography



Sycronomica stands for epic but agressive and progressive as well as technical Black Metal - since the bands foundation in Munich in late 1996. With the new record deal with Armageddon Music and the new cd "Gate", Sycronomica continue their journey right there, where they stopped with their debut "Paths" in 2004. Polished Song-structures, complex riffing as well as merciless vocals are the label for Sycronomica. The band could always prove their abilities under live conditions by playing together with international acts like Six Feed Under, Finntroll, In Flames, Borknagar, Enslaved or Die Apokalyptischen Reiter. So it is just a matter of fact that with the new release "Gate" - which was produced in Munichs famous Helion Studios (Equilibrium, Darkseed, Lunar Aurora) - a long-awaited album will come into stores which will be an enrichment for fans of bands like Dimmu Borgir, Arcturus, Katatonia and Borknagar.

In 1996, the first members of Sycronomica, Florian Winter and Christian Metz, focused their work on covering songs from bands like Katatonia, Samael, Satyricon and Dimmu Borgir. But after a short while, the band started to compose their own material which even then could be categorised as "melodic Blackmetal". Sycronomicas first output was therefore the Demo-CD "Durch Das Geäst" which was released 1998. Due to continuous problems in forming up a proper line-up, the band just existed of three members and the drums had to be changed into a drumcomputer. In autumn 1999, Syconomica recruited Michael Bayer an absolutely suitable and talented drummer and short after that, Oliver Walther who should from now on refill the position as a new singer. A new beginning in the bands history was done! When the third member of the old line up quit, the new vacant position for the bass-player could be filled with Max Marquardt.

After a short while the band released in the years 2000 and 2002 two new Demo-cds, sounding much more technical and more complex followed by several concerts in whole Germany. In 2004 the band entered the Helion Studios again, to record their debut-cd "Paths" under the instructions of Seref Alexander Badir (The Helions), Rene Berthiaume (Equilibrium) and Tommy Hermann (Darkseed). Sycronomicas first output was released via Soulfood in November 2004 and has been a cross-section of the bands musical highlights which were composed since its beginning in the late nineties.

The newest intake in the bands history is Johannes Jüde, who is responsible for playing the second guitar. After numerous concerts, festivals and small tours, the name recognition of the six musicians from Munich has been enormously increased. With the recordings and the release of the second album "Gate", a new record deal and many new concerts on festivals in whole Europe, 2007 became without doubt the most intensive year for Sycronomica.