Saviour Machine - Biography




Saviour Machine come from the Riverside/San Bernadino area in California; not exactly the kind of environment in which one would expect to find one of the greatest Gothic Metal bands of all time. In their home country, Saviour Machine are known as a Christian band, but with their German management team and European sound, their music can be found in the Heavy Metal section in European record stores (but only in so-called 'Christian book stores' in the United States).

Brothers Eric (vocals) and Jeff Clayton (guitars) founded Saviour Machine in 1989 and released their first demos in 1990. After signing with the label Frontline, 'Saviour Machine I' was released in 1993. The second full album, 'Saviour Machine II', was released in 1994, during a time of trouble with Frontline. At the end of the same year, vocalist Eric Clayton founded MCM Music along with his German management team consisting of Matthias and Rainer Mittelstädt. With their popularity and exposure rising in Europe, Saviour Machine released a live album and video, both titled 'Live in Deutschland' in 1995.

The 'Legend' trilogy is Saviour Machine's most challenging endeavor to date. This work is also referred to as 'the unofficial soundtrack to the end of the world', as it deals with the end-time prophecy set to dark, bombastic, and disturbing, yet melodic, artistic, and hauntingly beautiful music. Thus far, 'Legend Part I' (1997), 'Legend Part II' (1998), and 'Legend Part III:I' (2001) have been released. The final piece, 'Legend Part III:II' is planned for release in late 2002.

Saviour Machine can be described by and large as Gothic Metal, but their music touches on Symphonic as well as Progressive Metal. Vocalist Eric Clayton has one of the grandest and most trained voices in Metal, with an incredible range from low and ominous to soaring and crystall-clear, all with an almost operatic quality. Their lyrics consistently deal with biblical or apocalyptic themes, yet being a religious fanatic is no prerequisite to deeply enjoying their beautifully dark music and to finding their lyrics thought-provoking and inspiring.

A Legend is born...

Biography by Emalaith