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Linear Sphere - Biography

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Linear Sphere was formed in 2002 in West London, UK. The band's unique approach has already earned them cult status with listeners worldwide. Featuring artistic, highly intricate and sometimes epic compositions that demonstrate the very highest level of musicianship, Linear Sphere are setting a new standard with their diverse blend of Progressive Rock, Jazz-Fusion and a subtle dose of technical Death Metal. One of the first bands of its kind and almost incomparable to any other, Linear Sphere has been formed by some of some of UK's finest musicians, three of them teachers at one of Europe's leading music colleges (The Guitar Institute). Featuring Martin Goulding and Charlie Griffiths on guitars; Dave Marks on bass; Nick Lowczowski on drums and Jos Geron on vocals, Linear Sphere have just released the amazing debut "Reality Dysfunction" which has already created quite a stir amongst reviewers. After the recording of "Reality Dysfunction", Dave Marks was replaced by Steve Woodcock.