Brutart - Biography




derived from Art Brut, the term first used by the painter Jean Dubuffet (France, ca. 1950), to refer to a range of art forms outside the conventional dictates of the art world. Dubuffet amassed a large collection of graffiti art and art made by the mentally ill, prisoners, children, and other naive (untrained) artists whose raw or innocent vision was not producing art for profit or recognition, because they did not adhere to the cultural norms or fashion effecting most artists. Somewhere between children and mentally ill the four musicians (we):

Blaz - vocals, guitar

Boris - vocals, guitar

Kemal - vocals (yeah right), bass guitar

and Seby - drums and cymbals,

found ourselves (year 2000), and after rehearsing, and writing the songs our un-art was ready for the take-off, the stages ready for the takeover, and the audience ready for the take-in.

Having played over 20 concerts (getting some applause) and not pleasing a lot of people we realised our goal to conquer the ears of this world and beyond, is drawing evercloser!

So believing that we entered the db recordings studio to record our first demo and show that we mean business. The lack of enthusiasm and money postponed the release for 1,5 years and no response from right owners for our only cover song she's lost control (joy division) made this Arab Dream release UN- official.

It was soon after the release that Kemal left the band and departure of Boris later that year followed even sooner.

Nothing to worry because:

Andrej (guitar)

And Erik (bass guitar)

joined the band and heavier and darker Brutart came to be.

Our album entitled Mimic was released on 14.12.2007, and both connected the past and the present, and showed a way ahead.