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God.Fear.None - Biography




Formed, in late 2004 by guitarist Jim Voutsas, God.Fear.None first took shape as a trio, with vocalist Chronis Katsamakas and drummer Kostis Papalexopoulos rounding out the line up A few weeks later with the help of the promoter Savvas Stanis they completed the line-up, adding guitarist Chris Mike and vocalist/bassist Domenik.
After a 4 tracks demo, God.Fear.None recorded their first full length album, "Envy", in February 2005 and went looking for a good label to release it. One of Greece's finest indie labels, Sonic Age records, soon added God.Fear.None to their roster of innovative metal bands and released "Envy" onto the metal community. The album received excellent reviews, making the interest of the band grow further, even beyond their homebase and God.Fear.None saw themselves on the front cover of Rock Hard magazine (Gr).
The band has been able to showcase their highly energetic stage performance supporting numerous renowned national and international acts from the metal scene.
Early 2006 brought God.Fear.None's two line up changes. Bassist Aggelos Liagos replaced Domenik and Solonas Magoulakis replaced previous singer Chronis, allowing the band to rehearse frequently. With references to bands like Chimaira, In Flames, The Haunted or even Unearth and Nevermore you will easily understand that God.Fear.None gathers some of the best elements of death metal with strong influences from the new American heavy sound.
After an intense year of songwriting and a new collaboration with Chicago based Uppercut Music, God.Fear.None collected more than enough quality material to record their opus "Vultures". Including 11 new songs (45 min) and artwork designed by Finland's dark artwork master Jani Saajanaho, Vultures was released by Uppercut Music via iTunes Store in may 2008.