Destruktor - Biography

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The warring entity known as DESTRUKTOR, was born from the ashes of APHASIA, which dates back to 1995. Bearing the name DESTRUKTOR, the only demo under that moniker, "The Holy Trinity... Denied", was released in 1997. This release was recorded as a 2 member band, Glenn (Vocals, Guitar, Bass), and Jarro (Drums, ex-DESTROYER 666). Regan (Bass) joined the band in 1998. After building up an underground following, many frustrations caused spasmodic activity from the band. It took until 2001, and the addition of ABOMINATOR skin basher Chris Volcano as session drummer before the long awaited 7" EP, "Brutal Desecration", was released through now dead label, Decius Productions, Australia, as 1,000 copies. This now hard to find release with 4 songs of straight forward extreme metal desecration helped the band reach a wider audience.

Many interviews and positive reviews in various underground publications helped cement DESTRUKTOR as one of the few true forces of unrelenting Death/War Metal from the isolated land of Australia. Shortly after the 7" EP release, and debut live performance of DESTRUKTOR, Jarro re-entered the fold. From there the band played a couple of gigs, released a split live 7" EP with USA Devil Metal legends NunSlaughter, and continued to spread the plague.....

The spate of activity culminated in the recording of "Nuclear Storm", in December 2002, 4 songs (plus intro) of extreme warring Death Metal. Shortly after this, Jarro again left the band. "Nuclear Storm" proved to be a real son of a bitch to complete, with the studio/engineer causing unnecessary fuck ups and delays in mixing the music, and recording additional vocal parts. The vinyl version was ready to go in March of 2004, but has been delayed until early 2005, and the label that was supposed to be doing the MCD could not be depended on. Finally, "Nuclear Storm" MCD is unleashed on the masses, through the mighty Hells Headbangers (USA), during December 2004. This release shows DESTRUKTOR still playing extreme War/Death Metal, but also shows a more extreme edge, improved song writing, and more skillful playing.