Crimson Falls - Biography

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The oldest traces of the Crimson Falls date back to spring 2002, when the band was originally formed by Kristof Damen (guitar), Ringo Van Dingenen (guitar) and Sigi Loots (drum). Ringo and Sigi had already been playing together in Outrage and Reller, two hardcorebands, while Kristof had a past in two metalcorebands: Unbound NC and Amain. With this line-up they composed the first CF-songs while looking for a suitable singer and bass player to make the band complete. In October 2002 both were found in Filip Van Damme (vocals) and Maarten Van Houdt (bass). The Crimson Falls erupted.

The first shows were played in April/May 2003. After these shows it became clear that not everyone in the band had the same view on the musical direction. Vocalist Filip didn..t feel comfortable with the more melodic death metal-styled music the rest of the band was heading for, so both sides agreed that going their own ways was the best option to take. After this, Crimson Falls kept on rehearsing and writing new songs as a foursome. After 8 long months, a new singer was found in former Legion-singer Wim Jacobs in spring 2004. Wim had the same musical background and preferences as the other CF-members so the musical direction wasn..t an issue any longer.

The new line-up started playing shows in August 2004; building up a solid live reputation. Meanwhile Crimson Falls got ready for the recordings of their first release. In May 2005 the debut mcd ..Ruins 2K5.. saw the light of day. ..Ruins 2K5.. contained five songs in which the band blended metalcore and melodic Swedish death metal. Crimson Falls recorded this album at Waves Studio, the predecessor of AK..s Studio. The artwork is designed by Dirge Design. This first effort put the band on the map in the metal & hardcore scene and got praised by an impressive series of national and international reviews. More shows followed in support of the album.

In 2006 Crimson Falls was faced with new line-up troubles with the departure of bass player Maarten Van Houdt. This didn..t stop the band from taking the next step in their evolution with the recordings of their first full-length label release. In December 2006 'The True Face Of Human Nature.. came out on Shiver Records. The album, recorded, mixed and mastered at CCR studio (Aborted, In-Quest, Betzefer, Liar, Lengtche..), brings you 45 minutes of modern & hard-hitting deathMETALcore. ..The True Face Of Human Nature.. features guest appearances by Svencho (Aborted) ..e Alt Delete.. and XCaroX (No Recess) on ..Martyr Vs. Terrorist... The artwork is conceived by Avernus Studios, a new design agency born out of the ashes of Dirge Design (Immolation, The Amenta, In-Quest..). An extensive booklet is added to this album with liner notes commenting every song, giving a deeper insight on the lyrical content. Bass on these recordings was played by Sven ..The Bassturbator.. Janssens (Axamenta, Unleash The Fury). For the live shows Kristof Taveirne (Spoil Engine, Regression) filled in the empty spot on stage. A permanent replacement was found in September 2006 when Tom Trancez (I Witness, Serial Butcher) joined Crimson Falls. This makes the band stronger than ever before. Currently the band is playing their asses off, so go out and check them live!

Crimson Falls blends a wide range of influences into an intense, passionate and crushing unity of death metal, metalcore and thrash metal. Expect fast and aggressive riffs, brutal mosh breakdowns, blistering blasts, complex rhythms and melancholic melodies. Influences include the mighty At The Gates, All Shall Perish, Lamb Of God, Heaven Shall Burn, Behemoth, In-Quest, Meshuggah, Nevermore & Aborted.. to name just a few. However, Crimson Falls has a face of their own, so don..t expect a mere copy of any of the aforementioned bands.

Crimson Falls proclaims a positive message of freedom, self-confidence and following your dreams, while other songs put the finger on the pulse of our modern society and it..s excesses. A variety of topics is brought up, going from a personal outlet of emotions ("When The Blood Becomes Adrenaline", ..Poetry For The Scum..), over topical social issues ("Controle Alt Delete", "Book Of Memories", ..Martyr Vs. Terrorist..) to the expression of a positive attitude in life ("Erase All Fear", ..Four Slaves, Four Struggles.., "The Crimson Eyed"). This band is for the moshers as well as the headbangers, the metalheads ànd the hardcore kids. No limits, no boundaries.