My Shameful - Biography


My Shameful saw daylight somewhere in year 1999. Being founded by longtime collaborators Sami Rautio and Harri Jussila, the duo recorded three demos with a drum computer during the somber year 2000.

In 2001 the last of the three demos was released by Italian label Nocturnal Music, which got the attention of the Finnish label Firebox Records. My Shameful recorded the debut album Of All The Wrong Things with Sami being the only member at the time.

...of Dust takes My Shameful again further away from bands earlier death/doom expression towards funeral paced, soundscape like songs of wanting to give up, of regret, and self-disgust.
Although the album was made by Sami alone, the line-up was completed soon after releasing the album when Mark, Mario and Twist joined the band.

In 2005 My Shameful did 9 gigs, 2 of them with the legendary Esoteric in Berlin and Prague and the years last gig with Debris Inc. (feat. members of St. Vitus and Trouble) in Würzburg. Every audience they have played to has been surprised, baffled, and left in awe by the raw, crushing energy the band puts into their show.

My Shameful and Firebox have continued their contract for two more albums, of which the next, 3rd full length album (The return to nothing)will be released in august / september 2006. The new album further expands My Shamefuls sound with and introduces a whole new repertoire of tricks and emotions. There is nothing romantic about it.