Haggard - Biography


used from 1994, a slightly different (simplified) version from 1997 (the one that is posted)


The Munich combo Haggard has since their establishment in 1991 compiled a fixed name - mainly in the Death Metal scene. Already always they were counted as experimentally and differed from the announced bands, which emulated their Swedish idols.

After their Introduction -demo (1993) one went in 1994 with the MCD "Progressive" for the first time extensively to the public and presented itself in the same year as opener of the Amorphis / Desultory - tour to the broad mass.

Since one became musically more progressive, one began to bring more and more classical elements into the music. Firmly they integrated in 1995 a violist, a cellist, a soprano and a pianist in addition into the band. First results could be seen by the public in form of the innovative Once...Upon A December's Dawn Promo-Tape (1995) with a tour of the complete band, along with a Danish band, called Illdisposed and the German band Disgust.

The reactions of the public were euphoric, so one decided to expand their style further. Since 1996 the band encloses 16 musicians, with whom one works concentrated on new songs.

The result is in his form well unique and was published via Serenade Records under the title And Thou Shalt Trust ...The Seer. Up until now (12.11th.97) 11,500 disks were sold. The album is a mixture of medieval music, Classics and Folk, mixed with hard, but melodic Death Metal. The ideal soundtrack to make a small journey through the time, or simply for relaxing and dreaming. Thereby the lyrics were recite in English, German and Latin. One deals with the biography and the forecasts of the seer Michel de Notre Dame, also known as Nostradamus. Live Haggard appear with all 16 musicians. Just let yourselves go and simply enjoy And Thou Shalt Trust ...The Seer. But don't be surprised, if you find yourselves in other times.

Dec. 1997
The first Haggard homepage was published.

Release Party of the new album at Feierwerk (Munich).

Tourstart with Atrocity (Osnabrück - Germany). They appear in Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and of course in Germany. The choir was not available on tour.

Start of the headliner-tour with Tristania and Solefald.

The new album Awaking The Centuries is now available.