Emeth - Biography




It all started back in October 1997 with an idea to integrate various extreme metal influences into original songs. This resulted in 1998 in a first official demo release: THE CALL OF SIREN. Quickly after this release the band was able to release a 7 Ep: BREATHING THE UNCLEAN. And a second demotape DISCIPLE was released in 1999.

Musical differences at that time led to a revamped line up. Quickly the music evolved to a new level of intensity due to a more sophisticated approach, embodying relentless churning guttural vocals on shredding guitars and cataclysmic drumming.

In order to get a heavy but yet defined sound that would have enough balls and drive without sacrificing the bands intricate detailed music the band entered in September 2003 the Excess studios in Rotterdam (Holland) to record its first full length. After a few months of negotiating with several labels the band finally agreed to ink a deal on BRUTAL BANDS which released INSIDIOUS officially on 30th june 2004.

After nearly 1,5 years of frequent live shows Emeth entered the Excess Studio once more in november 2005. The band recorded their highly anticipated second full album entitled: RETICULATED. This time the band worked with none other than Producer Daniel Bergstrand (Behemoth, Meshuggah, In Flames...). To ensure a top notch production the mixing was done at the Dug Out studios and the mastering at the Cutting Room in Sweden during januari 2006.

Belgium's deathmetal deviants Emeth surprised the metal world in 2008 with their mutinous opus "TELESIS". Recorded, mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio, Bialystok during September-October 2007. The combination of sheer brutality and technical insanity displayed on th album took Emeth to the elite level in the deathmetal scene. This resulted in tours throughout the US, Canada, Israel and Europe. Lot's of festivals where destroyed and great venues ripped apart.

Due to several line up problems, Emeth disappeared of the grid for a while, leaving their fans in discontempt. Founder Matty Dupont (ex Aborted, ex Agathocles) never stopped writing and in search for the perfect musicians he wrote the most brutal and sickest deathmetal to come from Belgian soil.

In order to transcend Telesis, Emeth has worked their asses off to record the most intence, brutal extremity the band has ever produced. With it's own unique style and the perfect mixture of brutality and technical overture, the machine that is called Emeth is about to run you over as "AETHYR" will see daylight soon.

With drummer Nico Veroeven (Serial Butcher) and vocalist Boris "el Bastardo" Cornelissen (ex Leng Tch'e) as their latests aquisitions the band is ready to take over the extreme deathmetal scene.