Arafel - Biography



In 1999, Arafel recorded the demo Skazki Starogo Lesa (Tales Of The Ancient Forest). It was released under Bavernia Records the same year.

During the year of 2002 the band recorded their first album in Poland, and it was released later in 2003 under the Russian label Sound Age. The Way Of Defender is a concept album about the national Russian hero, Alexander Nevsky, Duke of Russia of the 13th century.

In October 2004, Arafel recorded their latest effort Through The Flame Of The Ages, featuring Israeli guitar virtuoso Daniel Varfolomeyev, which was released in late 2005 under SPG Records. The vocals were recorded by Michael "Miron" Chirva of the Russian black metal band Tvangeste.

In 2006, the band parted ways with its guitarist Daniel Varfolomeyev, and keyboardist Alex Karlinsky, who went on to reform power metal band Acropolis, a project Daniel has been active in 2001 until 2003. Ilia Badrov (vocals) and Paul Mitiyanine (guitars), both of The Fading, joined the band then.

In 2008, The band parted ways with vocalist Ilia Badrov and guitarist Paul Mitiyanine who left to spend most of their time with Israeli popular thrash/death metal band The Fading, where they are also active.

Followed by the leaving of Ilia Badrov and Pavel Mityanine, the band turned its musical direction into more of a viking metal, along with classic death metal elements and some black metal remnants. In addition, the band added a new band vocalist, singer of the German viking metal band Equilibrium - Helge Stang.

With the wind of change the band also disconnected itself from Sauron Productions, the label that released it's previous albums and managed the band for the last 8 years. Nowadays Arafel started a new path of more Death metal elements along with authentic riffs and more presents of the violin in its music and the biggest change of all is the English and German lyrics which replace the Russian ones.

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