Arcana - Biography

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In 1993 Peter Pettersson formed Arcana, a band based on the ideas that had been haunting him for a very long time. These ideas led to the creation of Medieval Age-inspired music, more specifically the romantic image most of us have about that era, and with that Pettersson was finally able to express his personal feelings, though he understood that he would not be able to do it alone. Ida Bengtsson was briefed on the concept of Arcana, and soon the two musicians joined forces.

At the time Pettersson had made a promo tape which was given to Roger Karmanik at Cold Meat Industry. Karmanik liked the music and gave Arcana the chance to be part of a CMI compilation. As a result, Arcana recorded "The Song Of Mourning". The response was great, and Karmanik signed Arcana for two full-length albums. In 1999 Bengtsson made her Arcana debut with the recording of The Last Embrace. In 2003 Arcana ended their contract agreement with CMI as Pettersson began releasing material on his own label, Erebus Odora, which has since become defunct; however, Arcana still use the name for their recording studio.

It was not long after these events that Peter Pettersson became Peter Bjärgö after marrying Ia. Since then Arcana have released a 10-year anniversary album entitled The New Light and Le Serpent Rouge. In 2006 Arcana signed a deal with German record label Kalinkaland Records, and in 2008 released Raspail. A 4-CD box set entitled The First Era 1995-2002 was released in late March of 2010, which contains the band's first 4 albums remastered and with new bonus material. The box set is limited to just 2,000 copies.

The year of 2010 came to be a year of many changes: Stefan Eriksson left the band, Arcana started to play completely live with the help of Núria Luis and Sergio Games Martinez from Narsilion as well as Johan Levin from Desiderii Marginis. In December the very same year, Peter announced the long rest for Arcana during a concert in Romania. For 2011 Arcana will rest from performances, focus on new material and on each member's personal lives.

2012 saw the release of an EP entitled Emerald and an LP As Bright as a Thousand Suns.