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Estatic Fear is an Austrian gothic doom band, combining classical arrangements, medieval music and metal elements in their music. The main member of Estatic Fear is Matthias Kogler. Albums are released through CCP Records.

The band was formed in 1994 in Austria.

In 1995, Estatic Fear took part in one-hour compilation "Exit", produced by Martin Auzinger and Peter Kern, together with bands Coffee & Cream, Mortus, Born In The Bottle, Bereavement, Nochtschicht, Herb, Dystrophy, Still No Name, Out Of Cage.

In 1996, the band signed up with CCP Records and released their first CD "Somnium Obmutum", produced by Claus Prellinger. Moody, melancholic doom-metal is combined with orchestral arrangements on piano and cello and authentic instruments like a lute, flute and acoustic guitars. The album had only four songs, but had a running time of around an hour, with the title track being a stunning 32 minute Doom Metal masterpiece, and another song "Ode to Solitude" being nearly 18 minutes. The music and lyrics were written by all the members in collaboration.

In 1999, the band released their second album "A Sombre Dance" which was written as if it were meant to be a book, with the song titles "Chapter I, Chapter II, etc. "A Sombre Dance" is seen as the more mature album out of the two released by Estatic Fear.

As of 2008, Kogler had apparently written enough material for two new albums, but was uncertain when he would have time to record them

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