Bile - Biography

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Bile began in 1992 when Krztoff became disillusioned with playing in boring jeans and t-shirt metal bands and had an idea for the anti-band. The early Bile was compareable to "Mummenschanz meets a pissed off Ministry". "A photo negative opera under blacklight", "not for the faint at heart". The show was total and complete chaos. 3 lead singers all wearing ski masks, guitar and bass dressed as terrorists, drummers in gas masks, evil clowns, exotic dancers in S&M themed costumes, completely under blacklight, with lots of fire, smoke, extreme lighting,monster strobes and a generally nasty attitude. It was a fucking spectacle, that's for sure.

The band was designed to die a fiery death, just a short run of some fun, then move on to other projects. Yet, BILE became one of the top drawing acts in the NY area. Through the hype Bile unexpectedly was signed to Energy Records (a small NYC label with great distribution). Now the pressure was on to try and capture the intensity of the live show on tape. Which was near to impossible. But what emerged from those first studio sessions was truly a new beast. Ferocious in it's intent and groundbreaking in it's approach. When the first album "Suckpump" was released it sold 7800 copies in the first week in the NYC/Long Island area alone.

What has happened from that moment in 1994 to now has been a journey into bizarro land. Imagine everything you can think would or could happen and times it by "50". Banned from major American cities, cancelled tours, hotels ablaze, military smoke bombs, electrocution, tornados during NYC S&M block parties, arrests, denied access abroad or re-entry, prescription drug use, wrongly attacked by the ACT UP anti-violence to gays coalition, a Cherry Coke radio commercial, deaths,.etc. And that's just the stuff we can remember off the top of our head. It's been a hard, happy and fucked up road. Under the radar, and off the grid.