Crest Fallen - Biography

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From desire and passion everything that matters finds it's way to the light and so has Crestfallen, Fuelled by the dedication of Louki and Mooky (lead and rythm guitar respectively) the band has managed to endure some of the many hardships that plague the oppressive Cypriot society such as compulsory military service, social taboos and not to mention the active local discrimination of our chosen lifestyle.

Staying in touch and consulting with band bassist Achillea (currently in the UK) the band has recorded a demo (Lose my Mind - 2005) and is on its way to enter the studio in the near future. Drummer James Stallwood has proven himself without a doubt a great replacement for Andreas Achilleos much like Andreas Pugiukas has succeeded Chris' vocal duties by taking Crestfallen's music to a different level. Crestfallen's newest addition to the band Nikolis, took over th keyboards so that Mario can focus on bass guitar duties. With an all-active line-up, the band can now re-establish itself in the live scene - in Cyprus and wherever the road might lead.

Stronger than ever before, the band is getting ready to record brand new original material which aims to catch their following by surprise, as well as the entire Cyprus metal scene.