Fall Of Empyrean - Biography


Fall of Empyrean was established in late 2000 and has been depressing the world with its own effective brand of emotional death/doom metal ever since. Throughout the years, the band has gained huge followings, not only in the the US, but in many countries and continents abroad including all parts of Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia, and South America, just to name a few. The band has made a name for itself in the doom metal scene and is one of the known doom metal acts in the US.

Over the course of their existence, the band has released three CDs: a self-titled demo, an EP ("Anhedonia") -- both of which sold out -- and a full-length ("A Darkness Remembered"), which was released worldwide by Oak Knoll Productions and is available through many labels, distros, and record stores. "Anhedonia" was also re-released with bonus tracks by Russian label CD-Maximum, distributed exclusively throughout Russia and the Baltic States. In addition, the band has contributed to a handful of compilations and split CDs. All CDs were well-received and given great reviews from zines and Internet sources all over the world. Along with the reviews and interviews, Fall of Empyrean also received radio exposure in the US, Romania, Russia, Indonesia, many parts of Europe, and via Internet radio, including Doom Metal Radio. In one of their greatest accomplishments, their full-length, "A Darkness Remembered," was named doom metal album of the year by overseas magazine, Metal Maniac Magazine, receiving 9/10 -- the highest score ever given by that magazine.

The band now forges on stronger than ever and will resume shows locally and in other states. The band has finished recording, mixing, and mastering their second full-length album, "A Life Spent Dying," but is still searching for a label to release it. However, we will continue business as usual for the duration. We want to thank everyone for their continued support and look forward to seeing you guys on the road ... Hails to you all!!!