Crashdïet - Biography


The Beginning:
CRASHDÏET was born in a new millennium where the rock n roll scene had almost died out. No looks, no tricks, no flash and balls and definitely a lack of big songs. Inspired by bands like SKID ROW, GUNS ´N ROSES, KISS, W.A.S.P and GG ALLIN, CRASHDÏET brought back the big shows, the rough-edge sleaze anthems and the rawness of an unpredictable and dangerous band. After a few changes, the band found its "classic" lineup: DAVE LEPARD , PETER LONDON, MARTIN SWEET and ERIC YOUNG.

The Rise:
Discovered by Universal Music in 2004 after making a lot of noise down in the gutter of the SWEDISH underground, CRASHDÏET became the first sleaze rock act to be signed directly to a major company in over 10 years. The debut album "Rest in Sleaze" entered the Swedish national album chart at position No. 12! The singles and videos like "Riot in everyone", "Breakin the Chainz" and "It´s a Miracle" were played frequently on radio and television.

The End:
CRASHDÏET embarked on a Swedish tour in the fall of 2005 to support the new album. They were on the verge of the big breakthrough when tragedy struck on January 20th of 2006. DAVE LEPARD was found dead in his apartment after committing suicide.
The surviving members were devastated and decided to break up the band shortly after, with the statement:

"As a band members, but most of all as a person, we will miss him for all eternity. Dave was nothing but a genius and a very special person. CRASHDIET will definitely not continue as a band. CRASHDIET consisted of four people and now one has left us."

The story of CRASHDÏET was over.

The Tribute:
On demand of the fans, the decision was made to open up a forum as a tribute to Dave. The response was way over all expectations. Thousands and thousands of fans worldwide gave their deepest sympathy for the tragic loss. PETER, ERIC and MARTIN did a tough and emotional appearance on a tribute gig to Mr LEPARD on February 11th 2006, giving fans and friends a chance to say their last goodbyes.

A New Project:
Months passed and in mid 2006 the surviving members got together for the first time since the tribute show to discuss the future. For the passion of music and performing, the three ex Diet members decided to start up a new band and put out ads for a singer.

At this point there was no talk what so ever about what to name the band. The band traveled worldwide in search of a lead singer, still broken but with the same dream as before.

In October of 2006 the band stated: "We´re actually pretty much convinced that we should keep the name after numerous sleepless nights and after approval from the Lepard family. We feel that we want to carry on the CRASHDÏET legacy, which will keep Daves spirit alive for a long long time. It would be a shame NOT to spread the message across the whole world and let them know what real music should sound like!"

The Legacey Continues:
In December 2006 the band confirmed rumors about a newly found singer. On January 21th 2007 CRASHDÏET made their first appearance with the new frontman: OLLIVER.

The rest is yet to be revealed...